Random Bookish Ramblings

Hello everyone,

Since I haven’t finished Half Upon a Time yet I thought I would talk to you all about other book stuff.

I love to read all kinds of books but one of my favorite things to read about is a dystopian society.  I “like” all sorts of book pages on Facebook and if the page has a drawing for a book I pretty much always sign up.  Well one day I came home from work and I had a package, I was expecting it to be my 50th Anniversary edition of Amelia Bedelia but it turned out to be an early release of Pandemonium, the final book in the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver.  I pretty much flipped out since I pretty much NEVER win anything.  Also, I’m freaking out because in TWO DAYS The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead comes out and I cannot wait!  I really want to see where things with Sydrian (Sydney and Adrian) are headed!

Another great reason to be excited is because Beautiful Creatures comes out in theaters this Valentine’s Day and I’m going to get to go see it!  I am a little apprehensive about it since movies hardly ever do the book justice but I am still very excited and I geek out every time I see an ad for it on TV!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!



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