Hey everyone!

I am going to use this blog to talk about books that I am reading. I have always enjoyed reading and I want to share my love of books with anyone that cares to listen. When I start a book I’ll explain what its about and when I finish it I’ll tell everyone what I thought of it and whether or not I would recommend it.

Right now I am reading Half Upon a Time by James Riley. This book caught my eye while I was working and I decided I was going to read it. So far the book is pretty good. Pretty much, it’s about this kid named Jack who is growing up in a world where, when you grow up, you are expected to use your training to rescue a princess so you can marry her and have your own kingdom. Jack isn’t very good at any of the things he’s supposed to do, unlike his father and grandfather before him. By the way Jack comes from a long line of Jacks, in fact he is Jack the 13th; the lucky one, his grandfather calls him. Anyway, after Jack fails another mock princess rescue him and his grandpa are talking and a princess falls from the sky! Shortly thereafter a big guy dressed in green, the Huntsman, shows up too and everything starts going down hill from there.

I look forward to telling you all more!

Have a great day!



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