News on the Book Front

Hey guys!

I finally finished Beauty and the Bully!  The story was cute, but it wasn’t my all time favorite.  Basically, Duncan is a girl obsessed idiot, that cannot see the good things he has in front of him.  I honestly started to be a little glad when things were going poorly for him, because I was tired of how he was treating his friends.  I was really happy with how it ended.  I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light YA read.

I started another NetGalley book, it is All the Little Things by Heidi Sprouse.  So far, we have been introduced to Sam and Megan, our leading man and leading lady.  They were going for a Sunday drive, and for some unknown reason, Megan dumped Sam and Sam is shocked.  I am going to start Erased by Jennifer Rush today.  Erased is the sequel to Altered.  Part of me is really excited about reading this book, but the rest of me feels overwhelmed by all the library books and NetGalley books I have to read.  I’ve really been enjoying getting to read the NetGalley books, but I went hog wild and have twenty-one books to read in the next fifty-five or less days, and normally I wouldn’t bat an eye at that, but since I have a GIANT book club book to read, as well as library books, and books I borrowed a year ago from one of my friends I am anxious about getting them all read in time.  Thankfully, right now I’m on spring break, so I should be able to read a bunch of them.  


^^^ That is what my TBR pile has been doing, and while it makes me minorly anxious, I cannot deny that I love it, and it gives me a bit of a rush every time I buy, check out, borrow, or am approved for a book.  Seriously, I think I have a book addiction. . . Okay.  I KNOW I have a book addiction.

Happy reading!



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March 13, 2014 · 4:47 pm

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