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In Your Dreams

We all have at least one author whose books we will buy ASAP just because it is that author, whether we know what the book is about or not.  Ginger Scott is one of those authors for me.

I recently decided that I had to have hard copies of all of Ginger Scott’s books, and one of the first ones I bought was In Your Dreams, one of her most recent releases.

In Your Dreams is a part of the Falling series, and while it isn’t my favorite book of hers it is still phenomenal!


Going into this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew Casey as Houston’s best friend.  We met Houston and Casey in The Girl I was Before and I already knew that Casey could be very. . . trying.  I knew that he was a deejay and that he was a loyal friend, but I wasn’t sure what else there was to him.  We find out right away that Casey and his father don’t have the best relationship; Casey doesn’t want to follow the secure path that his father has planned for him and their relationship is strained to say the least.  After a surprise encounter with his dad, Casey receives the shock of his life; a video from Houston of a girl singing a song about him, about what a jerk he is.  The problem?  He has no idea who she is.

Murphy hates attention, but she loves to sing.  Trying to conquer her fears she’s been playing open mic nights, performing her anthem about Casey.


When Houston shows up at one of the open mic nights, Murphy knows the jig is up.  Having gone to high school with Houston and Casey she knows they’re friends and has a good idea why Houston is there.  It isn’t long before Casey comes knocking, and Murphy wants none of it, expecting him to be the same devil may care player he was in high school.  Surprisingly enough, Casey doesn’t want to start anything with her; he wants to help her with her music.

What they’re doing is all business right?  Wrong.  Both of them having feelings they don’t want to acknowledge and try not to act on.  Through a series of events each going from bad to worse where Casey is concerned, Murphy softens her heart to him and starts to let him in, but will that be a mistake?

When Casey and Murphy grow closer, things go really well, there isn’t any of that stupidity of another girl getting in the way.  The craziness going on in Casey’s life coupled with Murphy’s anxieties, and Murphy believing he understands where the song “In Your Dreams, Casey Coffield” came from things begin to get tenuous.

Casey is constantly battling the feeling that all he is is some sponge, or a jerk.  He knows that where music is concerned he is powerful and fierce, but in other aspects of his life, he seems to feel inadequate.  His father made it very clear that Casey was a disappointment, and even though their relationship is negative, Casey carries that with him everywhere.  One thing that he really struggles with is not being too much of the jerk version of himself.  The first time that Casey goes to find Murphy, Houston advises him to be “a little less Casey.”  Casey knows he’s a jerk, and for a while he wears that hat as if it’s the only thing he can be.  Casey’s forced jerk nature in combination with his feelings of inadequacy and other negative feelings about himself leads him to feel unworthy of Murphy, no matter how he feels about her.


Throughout the story we see both characters grow.  Casey becomes selfless, putting Murphy’s dreams above his own desires, and when the situation calls for it, he finally steps up in his family even though the situation is not ideal.  We see Murphy go from mostly quiet and anxious to a person that knows her value and worth, that will fight for what she wants, and won’t sit quietly while people trounce all over her.

I truly, truly enjoyed this book.  There were topics covered in it that hit close to home for me, and in some cases were painful and evocative, but in a good way.  I also liked how, as in most of her books, Scott deals with anxiety of some sort.  She is so accurate and real in her dealings with anxiety, that for a person like me who does suffer from anxiety it makes the characters all the more real and easy to relate to.  I was very concerned towards the end of the book that we weren’t going to get a HEA, but I was proved wrong, happily enough.

I would definitely recommend this book, as well as all of Ginger Scott’s other books!  I sure hope you check them out!


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