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Death, Doom and Detention

Hey guys,

I’m not going to lie, it has been probably two years since I read Death and the Girl Next Door, the predecessor to Death, Doom and Detention by Darynda Jones, so I went into this book not having a real clear grasp on what it was I was coming back into.


Lorelei is lying to her best friends about her visions.  She claims to no longer have them, but that isn’t the truth.  She also recently found out that as a child she was possessed by a demon. . . a demon that’s pretty much the devil’s right hand man.  She isn’t speaking to her grandparents after they told Jared to stay away from her and she caught them in various lies.  If you haven’t read the first book you’re probably thinking, “Big deal.  A boy has to stay away from her.”  Or you might even be wondering why.  Jared is Azrael, the angel of death.


I’d tell him to stay away from my granddaughter if I was them, too.

Things in Riley’s Switch are getting, as Brooke puts it, fuzzy.  Lorelei’s visions are getting worse, and now all of the local supernatural entities have fled the town, because a big bad is coming.  In an effort to have some semblance of normalcy and a break from Brooke constantly trying to bring on visions, Cameron’s smothering protection, and having to be around Jared nearly constantly when she can’t be with him, Lorelei sneaks out to a party.  Honestly, everything goes downhill for Lorelei and company from there.  Jared disappears and Cameron cannot find or sense him, a new, possibly supernatural student shows up, and students that were once friendly start acting strange.  We later find out that all of these things are connected and the big bad that was coming on is the beginning of the war that Lorelei is supposed to stop. When they finally do get Jared back he just seems off.  He claims that he’s fine and has no memory of what happened, but it becomes obvious rather quickly that there is something wrong with Jared, which eventually leads to quite the knock down drag out fight between him and Cam.

Throughout the book Lorelei would go on and on about how she was so upset at her grandparents keeping things from her, which I can understand, but instead of trying to bridge that gap and trying to have an open dialogue running with them she shuts them out and acts like a brat.  I would have been mad, too, but I could never imagine doing that to my parents.  Another thing I didn’t like story-wise was how Cam and Jared were constantly silently communicating with each other and Lorelei was completely out of the loop.  CONSTANTLY.  She eventually started feeling all


I mean, it makes sense to me that if you’re protecting the person who is supposed to save everyone she should be allowed to be in the loop, but that’s just me.  I feel like a lot of the time when you have that sort of situation the reader eventually starts to pick up on things that the MC is missing, but this time that wasn’t really the case; it took a long time for me to be able to start connecting the dots, and that’s abnormal for me.

The story ends on somewhat of a good note, but it’s also somewhat stressful and sad.  Once I was able to really sit down and focus on this book I got through it quickly, but it seemed to drag on.  There were at least two chapters after what I felt like could have reasonably been the end of the book.  I understand why the other two chapters were there, but it seemed like the book would never end.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Jone’s Charley Davidson series, and I enjoyed this one, but it left me wanting.  If you have read any of Darynda Jone’s other books then I would read this one as well, but so far this trilogy is following the law of trilogies pretty hardcore.

Happy reading everyone!


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