Wild Reckless

Hey guys!

A couple of weeks ago I finished Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott and it was amazing!  I loved this book!  It’s probably the best Ginger Scott book I’ve ever read.  I love each other her books more than the last, and this book was no exception!  This has honestly become my new favorite book!


Kensington has left everything she knows behind because her dad wanted to move.  She’s not thrilled with where she’s at and she misses her best friends.  Not to mention her new neighbor, he’s gorgeous and annoying and apparently has no respect for someone else’s property.  He comes and plays basketball in the hoop hanging off her garage.  She hopes she won’t have to deal with him much, but sadly, he goes to her school and she runs into him the first day.  He seems determined to make her life hard, but she won’t back down and they make life frustrating for each other.


Owen Harper had a hard childhood.  His dad was the town crazy that ended up jumping off a Ferris Wheel right in front of him.  He’s become a hardened young man, and to everyone in town, Owen and his brothers are nothing but trouble and couldn’t possibly amount to anything.

I felt so bad for Owen when I first met him, but then as I got to see him more in the story I was just like, “I cannot believe this is the love interest.  Am I supposed to like him?  I’m not ever going to like him.”  He was so mean and frustrating I didn’t understand how I was ever going to like him, but somewhere around seventy pages in I found myself squealing about Owen and I kind of wanted to bop myself in the head because he had been so blech and now I liked him so.  I didn’t like Owen because he so maliciously told Kensington something about her dad, and seemed pretty chipper about how it hurt her.  She ended up running off with him later to spite her dad and then everything between them changed.  I’m not saying that Owen was suddenly a straight laced, nice guy, because that would be a lie, but he wasn’t such a jerk all the time anymore.

I really liked that once they got together, they didn’t get into a fight and then stay apart for most of the book, only to reconcile at the end.  I loved that when they had problems they were typically short lived.  I loved the ending.  It made me so happy, and I wish that there was going to be more books following this one.

This book really opened my eyes and changed things for me.  I was having, and still slightly am, having a stressful situation concerning friendships in my life.  During and after reading this book, things were put into perspective for me.  Your real friends won’t intentionally do things that will hurt your feelings and then continue to do them.  Your real friends will have your back and support you.  It also really drove home that any relationship requires both people to try and put forth effort for things to work out.  If someone isn’t putting time in to the relationship and are showing you that you aren’t a priority, then you’re not and you need to quit making excuses for that person.

Ginger Scott did an excellent job, and I sure hope you guys check this book out and that she keeps putting out such fabulous books!

Happy reading!


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