Hey guys!

I feel like a hideous person because it’s taken me so long to get this review posted.

I received Switched from Cassie Mae in exchange for an honest review.

Guys.  Guys.  I loved this book.  I have yet to read a Cassie Mae book that I don’t just adore.

This story focuses on Kayla, who is in love with Talon, her best friend Reagan’s boyfriend, and has been pretty much since they met.


She spends most of her time commiserating with Talon’s best friend Wesley who is in love with Reagan.  One night when the two are hanging out, they hatch a plan to get Talon and Reagan to break up so that they can get with the person they want to be with.  As soon as they hatched their plan I was like, “This is a bad idea.  There is no way this can end well.”


Basically, their plan was that over Christmas break they would spend as much time alone with the other person as possible and hopefully drive a wedge between the couple so that they would break up.  Part of me was sitting there screaming, “WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS ARE YOU?!”  If my friends had done that when I was in a relationship it would have gone down like this once, if ever, I found out:


 Pretty much the entire time that Kayla and Wesley are trying to break up Talon and Reagan I was like, “These two should date.  These two would be good together.”  There was one point in the book where their break up scheme actually worked, and I was really disappointed; I wanted it to fail, so that they might get together.  They ended up going out with their person and it went horribly.  HORRIBLY, and I couldn’t help but giggle and squeal with glee.  Wesley and Kayla end up consoling each other and it made me all


If you want to know what happened, you’ll have to read the book, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  I was so pleased with how the book ended and honestly wish that there was another book because I need more.  I would literally sit there and cackle.  CACKLE.  I also spent a lot of time screaming and kicking my legs around while berating the characters.  I’m sure that sounds crazy, but that’s what went down.  I so hope you check this book out!  Thank you again to Cassie Mae for letting me read and review this amazing book!

Happy reading!


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