(Once) Again

Hey guys!

It’s taken me a while to get this review up, but Theresa Paolo sent me (Once) Again in exchange for an honest review.


I really enjoyed this book!  I’ve loved all of the books that I’ve read by Ms. Paolo, and this one was no exception.  In (Never) Again, we meet Josh, Liz’s older brother.  Josh is a huge man whore and never sticks with one girl.  That’s what he wants everyone to think anyway.  When he was in high school, right before he left for college, he fell in love with Kat.  The only problem?  He knew how his reputation would make her look, so they kept their relationship a secret until he left for college and they inevitably broke up.

Kat is finally back in Josh’s life, but things aren’t all rosy and happy.  The only reason Josh and Kat are around each other again is because of the shooting Josh was a victim of.  In the shooting, Josh’s leg was wounded, and now in addition to having difficulty getting around, he suffers from PTSD, but is too prideful and stubborn to talk to anyone about it.  Liz and Zach hover around from time to time and it drives him insane.

Josh had withdrawn from his life and his friends when Kat showed up at his door.  He knew the moment he saw her that he’d never stopped loving her and would do anything to get her back.  Too bad Kat was resisting him.  As the story goes on, we learn more about Kat and how her life has been since Josh left.  This story was heart wrenching and stressful and I loved it.

There were moments in this book that made me uncomfortable, but for the most part I loved it.  I loved that Kat didn’t just swoon and fall back into Josh’s arms the moment she saw him.  I also really liked how they challenged and complimented each other.  I would definitely recommend reading both books in this series!

Happy reading!


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