New Year Catch Up!

Hi guys!

I’m sorry that I’ve been AWOL for so long!  Life got crazy for me for a while, and things are finally, sort of, calming down.  Last semester, I was going to school full time and ended up working three jobs in an attempt to make money to save up to pay off my student loans and support myself during student teaching.  I was working as a teacher and a tutor, and ended up getting a job at the local bookstore.  My grades were suffering and so was my mental health; I was stressed out and having panic attacks constantly and it was truly exhausting.  Now that I’m down to one job and am student teaching, things are much better.  I’m really excited about this new year!

The first thing that I’d like to address is that I feel completely horrible about my frequency of reviews and posts.  During the summer, I requested books from authors so that I could read and review them, and I have about half of them read, but there is absolutely no excuse for it to have taken this long for me to read and review them.  So I will be tackling those books first.  After I’ve gotten all caught up on those, I will start review more books that I’ve read for pleasure, but I have a responsibility to those authors, so they come first.

I celebrated my 22nd birthday on Tuesday and had a great time!  On Sunday, my friends and family came over and we played pitch, Superfight, and Apples to Apples!  On my actual birthday, I student taught all day, which was truly awesome since I have a great cooperating teacher and a fun group of kids, and then I went home to play canasta with my parents, an aunt, and one of my mom’s friends from work.  When I got home and everyone showed up, I received an awesome surprise!  My mom’s friend is the mom of one of my friends, and my friend tagged along so she could play canasta with me on my birthday, too!  Then on Wednesday, one of the guys I’m friends with took me out to dinner before I had to go to class since he hadn’t gotten to see me on my birthday.

In my long absence, I found out that I actually enjoy some video and computer games, not just card and board games.  I also apparently like some YouTubers, such as Markiplier,


Tobuscus (he doesn’t really game a whole lot, but he does other things),


and sometimes the Game Grumps (mostly Table Flip and Steam Train portions!!).


I hope that things are going well in all of your lives!  I hope you have a happy and blessed year!

Happy reading!



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