Eternally Bound

Hi guys!

I just finished Eternally Bound by K. A. Young which I received from her in return for an honest review.


This book is about Caroline, a young woman who had a terrible adolescence, but has finally found happiness and stability as an adult. . . At least, she thought she had.  She married an older man, Philip, who loved her and made her feel safe, and their marriage is great.  The only problem?  Caroline starts having night terrors; she’s chasing after a man that she knows she loves and is important to her, but when she wakes up, she can’t remember who he is.  The strain begins to get to her, and Philip convinces her to go see his psych ex, Debbie, for help.  Caroline isn’t too hoop about that idea, and rebels against it, especially since she feels like there is something unresolved between Debbie and Philip, but because she loves Philip she does it.  In the midst of all the night terror drama, this mysterious women keeps turning up in Caroline’s life, trying to help her find the man her heart and soul are bound to.

This was a really good story; very interesting, and fairly enjoyable.  When I first started this story, I was like, “Wait.  Just hold on.  Why is Caroline married?  Isn’t she supposed to be searching for the love of her life??”  I got over that rather quickly.  I really, REALLY liked Philip and at one point decided I’d be okay with it if Caroline ended up with him.  I totally understood her skepticism about Debbie and didn’t blame her for it.  There were moments when I wanted to smack Caroline, because I felt like she was being stupid, or I thought she was making the wrong choice, but things worked out alright in the end.  Thaddeus.  Thaddeus.  When I first met Thad, I was like, “Dude is bossy and possessive.  I don’t like him,” of course I changed my mind, because hello!  TRUE LOVE.  There were moments in this story where I actually felt stressed out, because I wasn’t sure how things were going to work out.  I knew how I wanted things to work and it didn’t really seem like they were going to happen the way I wanted, but they did, just not how I thought they would.  I was disappointed, because for a while there, Philip turned into a turd, and that made me really sad.  It was hard for me to reconcile the guy I just thought was great with the guy I viewed as a disgusting jerk.

I would definitely recommend reading this book!  I am so thankful that Ms. Young provided me with it so I could read and review it!

Happy reading!



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