Rival Hearts Excerpt

Hey guys!

I have an excerpt from Rival Hearts by Natalie Decker that I want to share with you!  Rival Hearts is releasing on December 23rd and I will have a review up for it that day!  I hope you guys check it out!  If you’re interested in the series, make sure to check out Rival Love, the first book in the series!

Enjoy the excerpt!

A couple days ago, I bought a notebook and jotted down some words in it hoping to make a song. This is the plan: have a song for Sky when I see her in New York and play it for her. Everything I write down, though, sounds stupid, girly, or just wrong on all levels. To put it mildly, I suck at writing music.

A girl with a small frame and short blond hair walks into the room. She looks over at me and collapses into a seat. “Hi,” she says.

“Hi. Um … are you in the right room?”

“I think so. I’m Penny; I’m here for lessons.”

“Oh. I thought these were private.” Because I don’t want other people to hear how bad I am. My instructor is one thing, but this person I’ve never seen before? Absolutely not.

She shrugs her shoulders. “Not today, it seems.”

I nod. She eyes me up and blushes slightly. The old me would have hit on her right then, but I belong to Skylar. Even if the girl never returns my calls or texts, I’m hers until she tells me otherwise. And as if by magic my instructor walks into the room.

Jenna straps on her guitar and says, “Hey, everyone. Did we do intros?”

“I told him my name; I didn’t catch his,” Penny says with fluttery eyelashes.

Jenna turns to me and smiles. “Caleb, Penny. Penny, Caleb. Okay, we’re all introduced; let’s jam.” Jenna went through a few minor chords we were going to work on.

About an hour later, when I’m heading to my car, I check my cell. No missed calls, but a text from Sky appears.

Hey, sry 4 avoidin u. I think we need 2 talk soon.

“Talk soon” is never a good sign. Shit. She’s going to break up with me. Four more days. I need to postpone this breakup call for four more days. I shake my head. Man, I’m sounding completely warped. Like a half-crazed chick.

Happy reading!



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