This is Falling Release Day Launch and Giveaway

Hey guys!

I finished a truly fantastic book the other day!  I know you guys are probably thinking, “She says something like that about almost every book she reads,” but this one outshines most of the others in its fantastic-ness.  In addition to a review, you all are also getting a behind the scenes type thing for the book  AND there is going to be a giveaway!


This is Falling by Ginger Scott really just took my heart and stomped on it, in a good way, I promise.  Rowe has been homeschooled for the last two years and is finally going off to college across the state.  She obviously has some issues, but it takes a while to figure out what they are.  Rowe ends up rooming with a set of twins, Cass and Paige.  Cass and Rowe become friends pretty easily, but Rowe doesn’t like Paige too much.  One night, Rowe runs into a gorgeous guy, Nate, who makes plans to meet up with her the next day.  Throughout the books, Rowe writes Facebook messages to someone even though they don’t answer.

I know I’ve said before that I was really able to connect with and relate to a character, but I have never, and probably will never again, relate to a character like I did Rowe.  She suffers from anxiety because of a past trauma, and she sometimes has panic attacks because of it.  I’m not going to lie, her anxiety about things was way worse than mine, but I could still relate.  The feelings that she had when she was met with something that made her anxious are feelings that I can relate to all too well.

I really, really loved how the story progressed.  I’m not going to lie, when I found out what the trauma in Rowe’s past was I cried, because it hit fairly close to home with an experience I’d had.  My experience was different, but I could still relate; it was still a punch to the gut.  I liked watching Rowe grow and learn to handle her issues with the help of Cass and, mostly, Nate.  I also really loved the relationship between Cass and Ty, Nate’s brother.  I can’t wait to see more of them!  This story was just heart wrenching and funny and uplifting, and a bunch of other good things all rolled into one.  I really just want to go running around and making everyone read this book!  I would definitely recommend it, and I hope you all check it out!

The Stories Behind The Story – THIS IS FALLING by Ginger Scott

THIS IS FALLING is about first loves, overcoming tragedy, finding courage, forging friendships and…baseball. Okay, so maybe it’s only a little about baseball. But it’s enough about baseball. I’ve been dying to write a story with a baseball thread, because as much as I love the purity of high school football (the backdrop for my debut WAITING ON THE SIDELINES), my veins bleed Rawlings leather and warning track dust. Baseball is just plain romantic. It can’t help itself. It’s one of the hardest games to play, impossible to master, and sexy as hell to watch. And I hope readers fall in love with Nate Preeter, my MR. BASEBALL, as much as I’m in love with the game.

There are a lot of little (and a few big) things that inspired me throughout this story, and I thought it might be fun to share some of those secrets—the story-behind-the-story if you will. So I give you Seven Fun Facts about THIS IS FALLING.

  1. The Preeter brothers were inspired by two brothers from Arizona State University—the Poole brothers. I won’t get too deep into their story, but Keith Poole was one hell of a wide receiver, and his brother Marc was paralyzed from the waist down. I worked at the college paper and knew their story well—often seeing Marc on the sidelines, his brother and best friend making a game-winning catch on the field. Their story is one that’s unbelievably inspiring, and it stuck with me for years. I didn’t know them well, having met Keith a handful of times and quoted him once or twice for an editorial. But they made an impression. The Preeter boys aren’t the Pooles. But they were on my mind.
  2. Nate Preeter isn’t any one person, but rather several sort of mashed together to make a hell-of-a sexy ballplayer. He’s part Sun Devil inspired with a touch of Buster Posey, and I made him from Louisiana because my cousin’s from there, and he won a college world series at LSU (and two MLB ones with the Cardinals and Giants – see if you can guess who he is ;-).
  3. Nate’s a catcher, because catchers are, quite honestly and to steal a line from my book, “the heart and the soul of the team.” Plus, Buster Posey is a catcher, and Buster Posey is the bomb. Have I mentioned I like Buster Posey?
  4. I had ASU’s Packard Stadium in my head when I described the fields at McConnell University.
  5. McConnell is loosely modeled after Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. It’s just smaller—more…elite. But the town is very much Stillwater.
  6. There’s a really great bar in THIS IS FALLING called Sally’s. If you know Stillwater, it’s a little bit of a shout-out to Eskimo Joe’s. I named it Sally’s after my bassett hound.
  7. And number seven…there is one prank—the prank above all pranks—that plays out in THIS IS FALLING. I married a man who actually did that to someone;-)

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Happy reading!


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