Adventures in Carrot Cleaning

Hey guys!

Last year my parents decided we were going to have our own garden, and we decided to have one again this year.  We are growing things like potatoes, onions, watermelon, pumpkins, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and spinach.  Last night, my parents pulled up some carrots and I cleaned them off.  While I was cleaning the carrots, I was standing there at the sink thinking there had to be an easier way than having to scrub all the mud off.  This morning it was my turn to go out and pull up carrots.  It apparently rained last night, so the ground was really muddy, and you’d think that would make the carrots easier to pull up.  If you, like me, assumed that, you are sadly wrong.  So I pulled up a row of carrots and came in the house to clean them off.  I started off pulling the carrots from the trash bag and scrubbing them off one at a time, but soon enough I was fed up and decided I’d put them all in the sink to soak while I went and got cleaned up.  Obviously, I wasn’t using my brain when I made that decision.


I came back about twenty minutes later, expecting the water to have drained and the carrots to be less dirty.  The sink was still full of water; I had clearly underestimated how muddy the carrots were or how many greens had gotten in the drain.

giphy (1)  

First, I tried to scrub off the minimal remaining mud in the other sink, but it didn’t want to drain right, so I ended up keeping the carrots underwater and rubbing all the mud off.  Soon, all the carrots were cleaned off and I had dredged up all the grass plant parts that were floating around.  The water still wasn’t draining, so I stuck my hand into the water and felt around.  The ENTIRE sink was covered in a layer of mud.  I couldn’t even feel the holes in the drain.  I tried to pull out the mud with my hands, but that didn’t work, so then I got a Styrofoam cup and tried to get a bunch of water out so I could have a better chance at getting the mud out.  When my cup idea didn’t pan out either  I wracked my brain for better ideas, but at this point I was feeling a little panicky.  My mom is at work today, and I didn’t want her to come home to a sink full of mud.  I was pretty much going bananas.



Finally, a brilliant, foolproof idea hit me!  I used to have a fish tank, and I still have the fish tank vacuum thing, so I thought I could probably drain out all the water and the mud with that.  Then I needed to figure out something to catch the water with.  Normally, I would use my bucket, but my bucket got ruined, so I ran outside and grabbed one of the old cook pots we use to give the cats water with.  So I’m all set up.  I have my fish tank vacuum, my water catching thing, and I’m ready!  

I start the process of getting the vacuum to drain water, which is a giant pain in the butt.  So the water is draining into the cook pot and everything is cool until I realize that the cook pot is almost full and the sink is still mostly full and I have nothing to move the hose into.  I start scrambling to open one of the cabinet doors to get a Tupperware bowl, but of course the hose gets knocked out of the pot and m=dirty water is going all over the floor so I panic, grab the hose, and throw it in the other side of the sink.  While the hose drains into the sink I run and grab two disposable cake pans and plunk them down on the floor and start draining the water into them.  Finally, I run out of space in both of them and have to quit.  I shuffled to the patio door and dumped out all the dirty water.  I looked at the kitchen floor and just wanted to smack my head on the wall.  There is dirty water all over the floor by the sink.  I went in the hallway and grabbed six or so raggy towels off the utility shelf, dried up the water, and put a towel on the floor for my water catchers.  I drained the sink a few more times to no avail, so I finally gave up and tried to figure out something else I could do.

You’d think that since I’d already been in the hallway where we keep all of our useful stuff that I would have already grabbed my dad’s shop vac, but no, the shop vac was the last thing I thought of.  I dragged it off the top shelf and carried it to the kitchen and tried to figure out how to put it together, make it work, and whether or not it was safe to vacuum water with.  I realize that sounds so moronic, like, of course a shop vac can handle water, but I use normal vacuums, not shop vacs.  I ended up calling my aunt and asking for help, but in the midst of all that I figured out how everything looked and actually read the label on the vacuum.


The shop vac worked wonderfully, and now both sides of the sink work perfectly now.  Moral of the story?  Don’t leave your muddy carrots to soak in the sink.  It’s days like today that I know without a doubt that I was correctly placed in Hufflepuff.  No.  Doubt.


It’s great that my hardworking trait got put into use, but I really could have used some Ravenclaw intelligence in all of that.




Good luck with your endeavors today!  May you be less scatterbrained than I!



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