Hero Duty

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t done a real update in a while!  I’ve been super busy, but I’m making up for it today!

I recently finished another book from NetGalley.

Though I really enjoyed Hero Duty by Jenny Schwartz, I had mixed feelings about it.  Sometimes there were emotions and actions that would come out of nowhere and I’d be sitting there like, “Wait!  What just happened?!  Where did that even come from?!”  Overall, the story was enjoyable.  Basically, Jessica goes and hires Brodie, an ex-seargant, to be her emotional bodyguard.  As best as I can figure out, Jessica had anxiety in addition to her phobia.  Her dad has just died, and her step-mother and step-brother are essentially emotional terrorists.  I really liked seeing how everything would turn out.  I know that there was a book before this one, but I think they can be read as stand-alones.  I do feel like I would have been less confused about Brodie’s brother if I had read It’s Love, Dude first.

I think that most people would enjoy this story.  There were some instances of mature content, but those were easy to get around.

Happy reading!


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