Falling for the Ghost of You

Hey guys!

I read Falling for the Ghost of You the other day, and it was fairly enjoyable.  


This book centers on Violet Mercer, who has worse luck than I do.  She comes back from a summer in Hawaii only to find out that her boyfriend has been sleeping with one of her friends.  While Violet is trying to escape from the most awkward, awful situation she ends up somehow getting hung up in the door of the restaurant they were at and ripping her shorts so that the handsome stranger that helps her out sees her bunny underpants.  Later, we find out that the handsome stranger is Violet’s soon to be step-brother, Zane.  They wouldn’t have really had any contact or gotten to know each other, but her mom and soon to be step-dad end up taking their honeymoon before the wedding because they’d have to wait a while afterwards.  Violet is supposed to be staying with a friend of her mother’s, but as luck would have it, that gets all messed up and she ends up staying with Zane for a month.  As is to be expected romance and trouble ensue.

I stayed up until four in the morning to finish this book, and I really enjoyed it for the most part.  I loved seeing how Violet and Zane interacted, but I was frustrated that secondary characters all but disappeared.  I was really excited about Zane’s secret, and I have a little bit of trouble believing that Violet didn’t see it coming, but at the same time, you don’t expect something like that to happen.  Up until we found out what the secret was I spent a lot of time like this:


Sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into Violet.  She had a good thing going and she just had to go and mess it up.  Don’t get me wrong, I could see why she felt the way she did, but she just went about everything wrong.  Zane could be pretty frustrating, too.  In the beginning, he was this giant man whore and I just wanted Violet to stop pursuing him and making an idiot of herself.  Zane grew on me though, he grew up and was able to be mature about things.  I was really pleased with the ending.  

Violet was kind of a weirdo, and when I say weirdo I mean that in a middle of a random conversation she would just blurt out different names for male genitalia or something equally pointless and awkward because she was “nervous.” 


Sometimes when Violet would talk I just had to cringe, because it was awkward or she was being ridiculous and would surely end up regretting it later.  One thing that really bothered me about the writing was that it could be choppy and it sounded like a teenager’s diary.  I appreciated that Ms. Christie was trying to be authentic, but it was a little frustrating to read from time to time.

I had a really hard time getting my hands on this book since it is only available on Amazon.  I was so excited when I checked Kindle Unlimited and found it on there, so I was able to read it on my iPod.

Happy reading!



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