Truly Lovely and Magical


Today, I read a FABULOUS book!


True Love and Magic Tricks was wonderful!  I loved how quirky Kaylee was, and I loved how bashful Nate was.  

Honestly, if they were real and Kaylee tried to become friends with me I might be a bit freaked out at first.  I’m an introvert, and sometimes outgoing, extremely friendly people can be a little overwhelming or make me a bit nervous.  I felt really bad for her that she had so many acquaintances, but no real friends.  In a way, I feel like I can relate to Kaylee.  When I’m at college I am surrounded by a lot of friendly acquaintances, but most of my friends are elsewhere, so sometimes it’s easy to feel pretty alone.  I absolutely loved Nate.  I loved that he was anxious and nerdy and was able to be his own person even if he frequently felt nervous being himself around Kaylee.  I suddenly have the desire to find a sweet magician that wear suspenders, bow ties, and a fedora.  In all honesty, Nate reminded me of Matt Flamhaff from Thirteen Going on Thirty!

Okay, I was going to post a gif here, but I can’t choose just one, so I’ll post a BuzzFeed article about Matt Flamhaff instead!

I know that this was supposed to be a prequel novella to the series, but I need more!  I was suspicious about who Kaylee’s secret admirer was, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out who it was.  There are so many things I loved about this book.  I suddenly want to get trapped in a zig zag box, but my desire to have a pet rodent has decreased exponentially.  I also loved getting introduced to Ryan and Lexie!  I liked seeing how Kaylee was able to become friends with them.

I think my favorite part of this book was either their first date or their first kiss.  When I read their first kiss, I just couldn’t help but sigh.  Why can’t things like that happen in real life?!  Why can’t guys like that exist in real life?!  When I say first date, I mean first date.  I mean nipple shirt date.  I was so horrified throughout that date.  I was yelling at my Nook in horror and just wanted to smack Nate upside the head.

My feelings when Nate asks his brother for help:


Woot woot stupid idea alert




How I felt when Nate started acting how his brother told him to:

639902menhavebeenidiots2 (1)

And then when they get to the restaurant:



And I only felt that way because he was acting like a typical male, not his normal self.

I imagine that this is how Nate felt throughout the date:

tumblr_lqdbqwYVce1qd6jz8  And a bonus one for how embarrassed I felt for Nate:



Lesson learned:  Always be yourself.  To any guy that may or may not be reading this:  Girls like it best when you act like yourself, not the macho jerk your friends or society expect you to be.  If you’re a sensitive nerd, be a sensitive nerd.  If you’re an adorkable magician, be an adorkable magician.  If you actually are a macho dude, be a macho dude, just try not to be a jerk.

I really loved how this story turned out, and I sincerely hope that you read it!  The last time I checked, it was free on Smashwords and Amazon, so go check it out!

Happy reading!






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4 responses to “Truly Lovely and Magical

  1. It’s a good lesson 🙂


    • You really need to read this book! I KNOW you would like it much better than the last book you read because of me! I still feel terrible! -_-


      • Well, I’d like most anything better than reading the book that shall not be named. 😉 Don’t feel so bad about it. Reading has its dangers and I’m fully aware of them. lol. Oh and btw the True Love and Magic Tricks book is $1 on amazon for the kindle now.


      • Man!! It’s worth the dollar! Just saying! 🙂 Speaking of The-Book-Which-We-Shall-Not-Name, I signed up for the free trial on Kindle Unlimited, and it was offered on there. XD I almost died, because if you hadn’t warned me I’d have clicked on that dude!


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