Alight: The Peril

Hey guys!

After I finished reading Pyxis I just knew that I had to read Alight, and K. C. Neal was kind enough to give me a copy so that I could review it!


Alight picks up shortly after Pyxis ended.  Corrine, Mason, and Ang are still working on trying to find and stop the evil that’s coming to their little town.  Corrine finally learns who her other Guardian is, and she is NOT pleased.  Three guess who the guardian could be.  There’s a new player in the game, and though I thought he sounded very attractive, I do not like him!  Zane is a Shield Australia, and he saves Corrine’s day.  Things are going very badly in Corrine’s town; people who used to suffer from serious illnesses are falling ill again, and don’t seem to be getting better.  

I spent a lot of this book feeling concerned.  I was worried that Corrine would fall for Zane, which, let’s be real here, I still am.  I was worried that the new guardian would mess things up.  Then at the end of the book?  Oh goodness.  My one of my worries was partially recognized and then I gained a whole slew of new worries.

I really wanted to see more Mason and Corrine in this book.  I wanted to see how their relationship was going to grow and evolve, but then that stinking Zane showed up.  I mean, Zane was useful for some things, but he just needs to back up off Corrine, because my Corson ship needs to just keep on sailing.

I like that Ms. Neal is able to write her books in such a way that when the story is over I’m left wondering what happened to the rest of the book, because surely there must be more!  I’m always convinced that it can’t be over yet, because I am anxious for more.  I really can’t wait for the next book in the series, and just like last time, I hope you guys check this series out; it’s so worth it!  In all honesty, I have no guess as to how things will work out, which is odd for me.  Usually, I can say with utter confidence that things will work out a certain way, but this time I’m wary to try and guess like that.  I hope the next book comes out soon so that my curiosity can be satiated. 

Thanks for the review copy, Ms. Neal!

Happy reading!



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