More than Music

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book recently!

Elizabeth Briggs’ More than Music was an interesting book.  Maddie is a nerdy music major, who only plays guitar in her room, for her best friends, where no one else can really see her.  Not even her buddy, Kyle.  Kyle is part of a rock band with his brother Jared, who is attractive as all get out, and their buddy Hector.  Jared is a player, and Kyle has always warned Maddie away from him, but when she is invited to a party at their house after a concert and Jared catches her playing his guitar, things get all kinds of interesting.

For the most part, I really enjoyed this book.  There were moments where I was just really frustrated with Maddie and Jared, but I guess that was the point.  I loved that Jared was a total nerd and fanboy, but wasn’t socially awkward like most fanboys I’ve met.  I hated that Jared was a man-slut and player, though; that detracted from his attractiveness.  When Maddie was dishonest with her friends it really bummed me out.  I understand that she didn’t want to make anyone upset, but if that were truly the case, she never should have done what she did in the first place.  There was a little bit of mature content in the book, and a generout amount of profannity, but otherwise the book was great.  The only complaint I really have, is something the author had no control over.  On the cover, Maddie is depicted without glasses, but in the book she is only without her glasses once, and she’s essentially blind without them, so that was a tad bit frustrating.  I hope you guys check this book out!

Happy reading!



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