Just Sing

Hey guys!

Another NetGalley down!

When I started Just Sing by Rene Gilley, I was having a book hangover, and didn’t think I was going to be able to get into Just Sing.  I actually toyed the idea of just passing on this book because I couldn’t get into it, but something kept me going.  I’m so glad that I finished this book, and I am dying for the next one to come out.  I ended up rating this one four stars, because I felt like the ending came out of nowhere.  I realize that all good things come to an end eventually, but typically, I feel like I get more resolution that what I got with Just Sing.

Lily is mad at her whole situation.  Her vocal program got cut, and she feels like it’s her fault, her dad’s a drunk, her mom left them all, and her family had to sell off most of their ranch to pay taxes, so now two mansions have gone up on either side of their little house and she is not happy about any of it.  She’s at Taco Bell with her best friend, Philip, when she smacks into a dude that, unbeknownst to her, is going to cause all kinds of changes in her life.  Aiden Cohen doesn’t want to be there over the summer, he wants to be with his friends, but he’s got no choice.  In order to try and escape early, he tries to act like he isn’t getting attached to anything at all where they’re at now, but none of that works out when Lily starts calling him on his jerky behavior.

I really liked watching Aiden and Lily’s friendship bloom, and was excited to see where it went, but then Aiden kept doing really unattractive things and Lily would jump to conclusions and act a little childish.  There were a few situations though where I completely agreed with how Lily went about things, because no one needs a lying, cheating, good for nothing in their life, but what if that isn’t how things actually went down.  I was also really interested in this Jeremiah person that Lily meets later on, and I’m 99% sure I know exactly who he is!  I can’t wait for the second book!  I hope that you guys read this book, it is well worth it!

Happy reading!


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