Many, Many Nerdy Feels

Hey guys!

I just finished a really excellent book, and I just had to talk to you all about it!  In all honesty, I have two other books I should probably blog about first, but I just can’t.


I haven’t really run into many books concerning nerdy, fangirl stuff that I could relate to, or that just really got at my heart, but How to Date a Nerd by Cassie Mae did all that and more.  Honestly, HtDaN is probably more dear to me than Fangirl was.

Zoe is a hardcore nerd, but none of her so called friends know that.  The only thing Zoe’s “friends” know about her is that she moves through guys the way that I move through books.  Zoe was mercilessly teased in middle school for liking things like Harry PotterLord of the Rings, and Star Wars.  Because she couldn’t take the bullying she hid her inner geek away and presents a new, popular, slutty Zoe in Geeky Zoe’s place.  Zoe’s one regret about leaving the nerd life is Zak, the dude she’s completely in love with, who used to be her best friend, and is about to be thrown back into her life much to her chagrin and, also, pleasure.

I spent most of this book feeling bad for Zoe.  I was never really bullied in school, but there are always people that are going to pick on you and crack jokes at your expense in school, and that did happen to me, and sometimes still does.  The difference between Zoe and myself is that it doesn’t really get to me when people pick on me or make jokes about me.  Sure, sometimes I’m like, “Wow, that kind of hurt my feelings,” but I’m proud of my fangirl ways; I have even taken to thanking the people that tell me I’m weird, because in most cases I can hear that they mean it lovingly.  

This is such a relevant story.  Sure, Zoe had her moments where I just wanted to smack her, but this book felt so real.  I felt like crying when I finished the book.  People should be able to enjoy the things they enjoy without being ostracized or made fun of for it.  We should be able to see other fellow fandom members and squeal like idiots, because you’ve just met this person that likes the same things as you.  One thing I’ve noticed about all those people that like to make fun of the geeks/nerds/fangirls/fanboys is that they must not be very happy with themselves.  I mean, really?  You feel so great about yourself that you’re going to torment people that are “beneath” you?  Get real.  I’m fairly certain that those cruel bullies just want to be able to be as comfortable liking what they like as those of us that can let our geek flag fly.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m not.  I know that some people just seem to enjoy making trouble for everyone else, but they aren’t really happy if they have to get their kicks like that.  Do not!  I repeat!  Do not let the haters get you down!  If you enjoy Firefly or Star Trek be proud about it!  You have nothing to be ashamed of!  Sure, sometimes when you fangirl in public and you get a little carried away it can be embarrassing, but what about that feeling you get?  You know the one, I know you do.  That feeling of euphoria because you found something so amazing, so exciting to you and you just can’t contain your excitement.  I still apologize for fangirling, but I’m not really sorry that I’m excited, I’m just sorry if I disturbed someone.  Think about it though.  All those people that love sports have gatherings to go watch people throw/pass/dribble/kick a ball, and that is completely socially acceptable.  Why is being excited over “geeky” stuff not?  If you really think about it, sports enthusiasts are just fangirls and boys parading around with a different name.

Guys, I really recommend this book.  It was great.  I mean, come on, any book that references Harry Potter,

giphy (2)

Lord of the Rings,


and Star Wars


has to be a really good book.  Not to mention the references to X-Men.


If my shining recommendation didn’t convince you, then maybe the gifs did.  Either way, check this book out.  You won’t regret it!

Happy reading and even happier fanpersoning!



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