Hey guys!  

I just finished a fantastic NetGalley this evening!

The book I read was Forbidden by Lori Adams.  When I got this book, I was really excited to read it, but then I saw that it was getting some pretty negative reviews, which had me worried.  I was especially worried because one of the reviews favored a book series that I don’t really enjoy all that much, but those reviews didn’t stop me from reading this book, and I am glad.  I liked going through Sophia’s experiences with her, and I liked trying to figure out the different mysteries she was dealing with.  First, I really didn’t like Michael, but the boy grew on me.  I wish that I had a Michael of my own.  I was glad to see that in this series there were serious consequences if an angel were to develop feelings for a human, instead of it all just being kosher or a non-issue.  Against my better judgement, I actually liked Dante for a while.  Who doesn’t like star crossed lovers?  At the same time though, I was mentally berating myself, because he is a DEMON for crying out loud, and I definitely shipped Sophia with Michael.  There for a while in this book, although I was interested, I felt that things could have not gone on as long as they did.  The only thing that I didn’t really like about this book was that we didn’t get to really know about Dante and Sophia’s past life.  All we really knew was that they had been in love and that he died for her and had been tracking her through all time trying to find her.  I wish that we could have learned more about that, but we can’t have everything.

This book made me fangirl a lot.  I was squealing.  I was curling my toes.  I was berating characters for being idiots.  Seriously though, at one point I kept yelling at the book and my parents thought I was having an actual problem, but then when they figured out that I was having book issues they went on a walk so that I could rant at the book to my heart’s content.  I would definitely recommend this book.  It isn’t the same as the Hush, Hush  series by Becca Fitzpatrick, but if you enjoyed that series I’m pretty sure that you would enjoy this series.

Happy reading!



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