Dog Gone, Back Soon

Hey guys!

A few days ago I finished another NetGalley book!


 I read Dog Gone, Back Soon by Nick Trout, and it was such a cute read.

I really enjoyed reading about Cyrus and his work with the animals.  There was one instance in the story where he and I both came to the same, albeit wrong, conclusion, and I was really excited; I was pumped that raising cattle had given me knowledge that helped me to guess an illness.  Back to Cyrus.  Cyrus went on a date with Amy, but it didn’t go well, and he doesn’t know how to fix it.  This story follows his quest to make things work with Amy, while trying to keep his father’s vet practice afloat in the face a big, essentially corporate, vet practice wanting to take it over.  I loved this book; it was funny and endearing, and I didn’t want to put it down.  Now I wish I could go back and read the first book in the Cyrus Mills series.  I would definitely recommend this book to all of you!

Happy reading!


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