Waltz on the Wild Side

Hey guys!

I’ve been making more progress with my NetGalley books!


This afternoon, I finished Waltz on the Wild Side by Alana Albertson.  This was a pretty good story.  I really liked Salome, one of the main characters.  She seemed very real and down to earth for the most part.  Vika, on the other hand, made me frustrated.  When we first meet Salome, she is watching the Emmy’s with her two best friends, Jenny and Diana.  After seeing Vika getting an Emmy for a dance that Salome choreographed, the girls talk about how they won’t ever be on Dancing Under the Stars like Vika.  Then we actually get to meet Vika, and I was not impressed.  Vika used to be friends with Salome, but after Salome caught Vika with Benny, a judge on DUTS, their friendship fell apart.  I liked seeing what happend between Salome and her ex, Dima.  There were things in this story that I definitely could have done without (mostly to do with Vika and her, ah, mature actions), and other things I would have liked to have more expansion on.  I really enjoyed this book; I giggled, I squealed, I lost myself in it.  

Happy reading!



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