The Stepsister’s Tale

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This evening, I finished The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett.  This story was released on June 24, 2014.  I devoured this book.  When it first started out I wondered how I was ever going to dislike the Cinderella figure, and pity the “evil” stepsisters.  I am so thrilled with how this story went.  Jane and Maude live with their mother in her run-down family estate.  Though the girls’ mother hasn’t been part of Society for years, she still insists on acting as if they are all ladies.  The sad, hard truth is that their house is falling apart, they can hardly afford anything they need, and as much as their mother would love to deny it, Jane and Maude are essentially just normal girls with a once important name.  Jane and Maude have been on their own for a few days while their mother is away in the city, getting them things like soap.  The two are very worried about their mother, but when she shows up in a carriage, they’re thrilled to see her, but they never expected what happened while she was away.  While in the city, their mother got married, and not only did she bring them a new father, she also brought them a new sister, Isabella.  No one is thrilled with the new arrangement, and it is obvious that the girls’ new stepfather feels led astray when he sees the house is in disrepair.  Jane, Maude, and Isabella do not get along AT ALL, and more often than not it seems that Isabella is the one that receives the pity.  I really love how things evolved in the story.  There were times that I felt irritated at Jane and Maude, because sometimes it didn’t seem that they were trying at all, but most of the time I wholeheartedly supported their dislike of Isabella.  I absolutely loved the character of Will in this story; I adored him!  I want a Will of my own someday.  One thing that I especially enjoyed was the evolution of Isabella; there were moments were I just wanted to strangle her, which, let’s be real here, was most of the book, but there were a couple times that I legitimately felt bad for her.  If you guys like fairy tale retellings, I would highly recommend this story.  I know one thing for sure; I’m going to buy this book the first chance I get!

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  1. Should put it on my reading list 😉


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