Summertime Catch Up

Hey guys!

I haven’t updated you guys on my life and what’s going on with me for a while, so I thought I would do that today.  I love talking to you about books, but I miss being informal about my book talk, so I’ll be glad when I get caught up with all my NetGalleys and can read more of my own books again.  I’m so glad that summer has finally arrived!  I miss my students, but I’m glad to have a break from school for awhile.  I’m still tutoring at the college, and I really enjoy that.  Last week, two of my friends had a gorgeous baby boy and I finally got to meet the little man; he is just so precious.  I’ve been working in the vegetable garden with my mom a lot, and it isn’t exactly fun, but it isn’t awful either.  I have turned into a wuss though, because my hand has blisters on it from hoeing in the garden.  Another thing I’ve been working on is exercising and losing weight, which is more fun than I thought.  The only way exercising could be any better is if I could read while I did it.  I know that I could listen to audio books, but I just don’t like audio books.  The only time I enjoyed being read to was when I was growing up.  When I was in middle school and junior high, my teachers would sometimes read to the class.  In first grade, my teacher read us all but one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and I’m ninety-nine percent sure that that is where my desire to be a teacher came from.  When I was in third grade, our teacher read us The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, just like she did for my  mom’s class.  My most cherished memories of being read to are with my mom.  When I was sick one time my mom came home with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and she read it to me.  Mom reading me the Harry Potter books was our thing, so even when I was definitely old enough to read them myself, when they came out she would read them to me, and I loved it.  Can you imagine all the hours she spent reading those books out loud?  I’d go hoarse for sure!

Right now, I am reading Buccaneer’s Revenge by Adam Shaw, and Waltz on the Wild Side by Alana Albertson.  My dad lent me Buccaneer’s Revenge, and so far it’s pretty good.  There is some language and jargon that I have to ponder to figure out sometimes, but for the most part it is easy to understand and is very enjoyable.  Waltz on the Wild Side is the NetGalley book I’m going to be reading next.  For anyone wondering about how I enjoy the NetGalley books I get, I have mixed luck.  I go a little bit crazy with access to so many books, and sometimes I look at a book and am like, “Why did I ask for that?” or I start the book, get pretty far in it, and then stuff happens that turns me off the book so completely that I can’t even bring myself to finish it.  I try to always post honest reviews of the books I read, and I’m not going to finish a book that I know I don’t like and that I’d probably end up giving a very poor review to.  The books that I do enjoy from NetGalley I typically thoroughly enjoy and want to purchase so that they can be mine.  I’ve started requesting books and ARCs from publishers and authors when I’ve really enjoyed a story by said author, and am able to get up the nerve to ask.  All of the people I’ve had the gumption to ask so far have been very nice, and have made me glad that I asked.

How are your summers going?  I enjoy hearing what you guys think of what I have to say and I’m so thankful that all of you follow my blog.  When I started this thing up I was worried that no one would care to hear what I had to say, and I am overwhelmed that as many people follow me as they do.  I hope your summers are going great!

Happy reading!



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