Pyxis: The Discovery

Hey guys!

I finished a NetGalley last night!


I saw Pyxis: The Discovery by K. C. Neal on Barnes and Noble a few times when I was looking for new books, and I always thought I should check it out.  I’m ninety-nine percent sure that it’s in my Nook book wish list at this very moment.  When I saw Pyxis show up on NetGalley I knew that I had to read it, and I am so glad I did!  I’m not going to lie, it was different than what I had been expecting, but in a good way.

The book focuses on Corrine, just your everyday, average girl, until the school’s bake sale anyway.  Corrine has never really been a hot commodity at her school, but all of a sudden some of the hottest upperclassmen have taken notice of her, and she feels a little weirded out.  Corrine isn’t the only one noticing the boys’ strange behavior; her best friend Ang and her arch nemesis Sophie notice, too.  For a little while, I was thinking that maybe Corrine had this gift for baking, only she accidentally infused siren type stuff in her creations, but I was wrong.  Thank goodness I was wrong in my theorizing, because I don’t know how my idea would have ever panned out.  All the attention from the guys gets Corrine to thinking about Mason, and we don’t really know who Mason is or what he did for a while.  When Mason finally came into the picture I swooned a little bit, but at the same time I wanted to punch him in the face, and was really confused as to why Corrine was acting all normal with him after what he did and how she gave him the silent treatment for months.  They way the book ends was just so stressful.  It was definitely a cliffhanger, and I was like, “What?!  NO!  There has  to be more!  Where’s the rest?”

I would highly recommend this book, guys!  It’s a fresh paranormal/fantasy story line that I don’t feel like I’ve seen before.  Check this book out; you won’t regret it!

Happy reading!



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