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So, I just finished Hades by Alexandra Adornetto.  I’m not sure why, but I seem to have trouble getting into the books in this series, but I don’t remember being this disappointed and underwhelmed by Halo.  I try very hard not to be mean in my reviews, so if I sound a little harsh in this one I apologize and ask that you bear with me.

In this book, Beth gets dragged to Hell and Xavier, Ivy and Gabriel have to figure out how to save her.  The first half of this book was a little draggy for me.  Beth was in Hell and she was just lying around, like, “Oh.  Someone will come for me eventually.”  From what I can remember, she doesn’t even really do anything to try and save herself.  She’s stuck in Hotel Ambrosia as a certain someone’s prisoner, and while she is there she becomes friends with Tuck and Hanna, two condemned souls that made deals they regret.  

In the second half of the book, Beth finally starts trying to save herself, but OF COURSE everything goes wrong.  Thirty-four pages until the end of the book, and I just wanted to quit.  Bethany made a deal I knew would come back to bite her, and she seems apalled at what she is asked to do.  In all honesty, I would be appalled too, but instead of being like, “Okay I’ll do it.” I would say no and just deal with the consequences, because she made a deal with the most untrustworthy person ever.  EVER.  Thankfully, at the last moment she gets saved, but then she’s horrified because the certain someone admitted that he or she wasn’t going to hold up their end of the deal, even if Beth did.  

Finally, the book is coming to a close, and things are looking good.  Exciting things were happening, but I was so put off by Beth’s stupidity and earlier situation that I didn’t even care; I couldn’t even be happy about was happening.  If you’re already reading this series, then go ahead and read this book, but this was one of the most disappointing sequels I’ve ever read.  I am most definitely going to read the third book, but this one almost became DNF.

Happy reading!


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