Undercover with the Hottie

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book!

A few days ago I finished Undercover with the Hottie by Juli Alexander.  This book is the second one in the series.  Amanda is your everyday, average girl. . . sort of.  Amanda has a boyfriend she can’t tell anyone about and she is a secret agent.  Actually, Amanda reminds me of Alex Rider, except he’s British and she’s not.  On Christmas break, Amanda has to go on case, and she is SO excited, until she realizes she is going to have to pretend Will, her boyfriend, is her brother.  This story was very cute, but was also a little predictable at times.  I was especially glad that there weren’t any REAL relationship problems between Amanda and Will.  It was so refreshing to read a story where there aren’t other people getting in the middle of a relationship and mucking it up.  I would definitely recommend this book!

Happy reading!




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7 responses to “Undercover with the Hottie

  1. I love the Alex Rider series; I’ll have to give this one a go. I wonder how many books will be in the series.

    Erin @ Raised Reading


    • The Alex Rider series is epic! I’m so glad it didn’t end after the fifth book like Anthony Horowitz was trying to make it. So far, there are just two, but this one is the newest one.


      • Aw, okay, cool. And wait, Anthony Horowitz was going to end the series after the fifth book?! Oh wow, I never knew that. SO glad he didn’t though!


      • I’m like ninety-nine percent positive that when I was younger, I got on his website and he had a post about how he got all these letters flipping out about the certain thing that happened at the end of the book, so he started the series back up again. I am also very glad he continued it! One of my favorite series! This is really bothering me because I can’t find the post so I’m going to go tweet him. XD


      • Okay! He tweeted back, and what it was was that he had been going to “rest” Alex for a couple of years, but it didn’t work out that way.

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  2. Ohhhhh, okay! Thanks for sleuthing that out for me 🙂
    I’m so happy he didn’t rest it, because a couple of my favorite ones were after book five.


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