The Darkest Siege

Hey guys!

Today I finished The Darkest Siege by Ryan Wilshusen.  This book was awesome!  There was action, adventure, mystery, and let’s be real here, everybody likes at least one of those.

Okay, our main men is Emesos, Ishik, and Paolin.  Emesos is just your average everyday young man, until he sees King Gonra summon his Blade, that’s when everything gets crazy.  Emesos starts having visions of things he can’t explain, and suddenly has skills he never had before.  His life gets turned upside down, and he is forced to leave his family.  At the same time that things are getting crazy in Emesos’ life, things are getting pretty crazy for Ishik, too.  Ishik is also coming into skills that he can’t explain.  Ishik is an acolyte, but he gets excommunicated from his church because of his powers and something that happened because of them.  Along the way, the two really start to grow and come to grips with what’s happening to them.  Emesos’ visions, or as he calls them, experiences, show him that there is another war coming; that the foe they all believed to be long dead is still alive, and he’s coming for the four kingdoms with a vengeance. This book kept me on my toes, let me tell you.  There were moments where I got confused, but the book was still fabulous.  Since I’ve read a lot I like to guess what’s going to happen in a book, and I’m pretty good at it.  In this book, I was wrong more often than I was right, and I loved that!  There were a few times that I was like, “YES!!”  when I was reading this book.  The biggest time was probably when there was a scene in the book where someone died and everybody pointed their swords to the stars and it made me think of a scene from Harry Potter.wands_raised

The other two times I was excited, were because of some quotes that I found.

“Don’t you ever believe what they said about you, any of them.  You are always worth something, and someday you’ll prove to them all how wrong they were.” -218

“As long as you remain united, your country will never fall!” -238

I am so excited for the second book!  I cannot wait to see what happens, but in the mean time, I highly recommend that you guys check this book out!

Happy reading!


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