Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book!

So the other night, I finished reading Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn.  Let me just say, I really enjoyed this story.  There were a few things that made me groan and shake my head and yell at Gemma, but otherwise, I really enjoyed it. 

Our main character Gemma has the perfect boyfriend, or so she thinks.  Life never really seems to go the way we want it to, and in Gemma’s case she has bad luck in spades.  Not only does she get dumped in Target by her do-gooder boyfriend, but then he reinforces the dumping a few days later in another public place.  Gemma’s summer plans are ruined, and she ends up having to go to the Hamptons.  I personally think going to the Hamptons would be really cool, but because of very stupid things Gemma did there when she was eleven, she is less than thrilled to be returning.  Because of mistaken identity, people that should hate Gemma actually end up befriending her, and she just lets them go on thinking that she’s someone else.  Gemma pretending to be her best friend Sophie really bothered me.  I mean, I understand that she wanted to make amends, but she was still being dishonest.  I really enjoyed watching the friendships and relationships grow, and I can’t wait for the next book so that I can read it too!  My biggest problem with the book was that it was highly predictable sometimes.  I would be reading along and I’d think, “I bet so and so is so and so,” or, “I bet that this is going to happen,” or, “So and so knows that this is what happened, Gemma isn’t fooling anyone,” and ninety-nine percent of the time I was right.

I really hope you guys check this book out!  I really enjoyed it!

Happy reading! 


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