Better Off Friends

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley, and it was epic!

Last night I read Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg.  This book blew me away.  I stayed up until two in the morning knowing full well that I had to be at church at eight this morning; this book was THAT good.  Levi and Macallan were my OTP from their first back and forth at the beginning of the book.  It is impossible not to root for these two.  There were so many moments throughout this book that I could just not contain myself; I squealed so excitedly that I sounded like a tea kettle, I giggled while thrashing around and accidentally scooted the couch across the floor. 

One of my favorite things, style-wise, about this book was the way that Eulberg differentiated between Levi and Macallan’s parts of the story and their back and forths between chapters.  It was always very clear who I was reading through the eyes of.  Story-wise, there wasn’t anything I didn’t love.  There were moments where I was all, “Nooooo!  You idiot!”  but I really loved this book.  I liked how the characters seemed so true to life, Levi especially.  As the book progressed, some of the thoughts Levi had were just perfect for a teenage boy, and I know I’m not a teenager or a boy, but I do have a lot of guy friends, and I used to have a boyfriend, and I know that the “she’s so clingy/needy” and “I haven’t done anything wrong, what is her problem” mentality is true.  I was glad that their friendship wasn’t always smooth sailing, no real life friendship is without  its storms, and it was nice to see an accurate representation of that.  I was really glad that Levi could always see, even if it took months, that he was being an idiot and had done something wrong, but I was disappointed that Macallan pretty much never took responsibility for any of the things that went wrong.  Levi typically was in the wrong, but there were some things that could have been avoided had Macallan just been honest or apologetic instead of always waiting for Levi to make a move.  I do applaud her that after a while she quit chasing after him and tried to just let it go.  I think chasing boys that aren’t treating you right is something that far too many girls, and women, do, and it was nice to see a strong female character that didn’t make a fool out of herself trying to get a guy’s attention.

I really loved this book, and I’m going to be buying it the first chance I get.  I really hope you guys check this book out, because I have nothing but good things to say about it and it would be a shame if other people didn’t read the awesomeness that is this book.

Happy reading!



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