Twenty-Four Hours or Less

Hey guys!

Okay, so I know the name of my post is weird, but I gave it that name because it took me less than twenty-four hours to finish the book I started last night.

Last night I chose, rather unwisely, to start reading The 100 by Kass Morgan.  The reason I say this was unwise is that now I have lets-read-all-the-books-bought-for-my-Nook-instead-of-the-NetGalley-books-I-have-waiting-for-me fever.  

So.  The 100.  I am going to admit to doing something that irritates me when other people do it, and I’m very vocal about it IRL, so I’m sure any of my friends and loved ones will probably call me out on this.  For the last few weeks I’ve been watching The CW’s The 100 and loving it, so I thought I should buy the book and see if I loved the book as much as the show, and I did.  I am really frustrated by people who jump on the bandwagon and read a book after they’ve watched the show/movie, and I did that, and it made me feel like a hypocrite, but then I realized what irritated me wasn’t that these people decided, “Hey that was a great movie, I’m going to read the books,” it was the people who I tried so hard to convince that the book was good and they should read it and they shot me down and acted like it was stupid until it got made into a movie.  So, I guess I don’t hate bandwagon people, I just hate all the that that I just explained.  Anyhoo, back to the book/t.v. show thing.  The characters are slightly different.  In the show, we have Clarke’s mom and FInn, but in the book we don’t have those two.  I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed that Finn wasn’t in the book, because in the show, I am a staunch Flarke shipper.  Another difference is that Bellamy isn’t the leader in the book, and Wells is actually doing pretty good.  The show seems to be moving at a faster pace than the book did.  

I loved the book. I’m actually a Bellarke shipper because of the book.  I cannot help myself.  I enjoyed the differences between the two.  I liked that there was an extra set of characters that we haven’t met, and probably won’t, in the show.  I loved being able to see things from everyone’s perspective.  I love that Clarke is strong and brave, but that she isn’t so strong that she doesn’t ever break down.  I hate that most of their problems could have been averted had it not been for Wells. . . Wells. . . Grr.  Bellamy. . . Um, I don’t really have words for Bellamy, except maybe:


I do actually have words for Bellamy, but those are true too.  I like that Bellamy is so family oriented; even when Octavia messes up, he still has her back and would do anything for her.  Glass is an interesting character, and part of me really likes her, but the other part of me just isn’t as invested in her story as everyone else’s, and I’m worried that that’s because she isn’t part of the show.  I feel like we haven’t really gotten to know Octavia, and that disappoints me, but she also isn’t someone whose eyes we see through.  

I spent a lot of time fangirling while reading this book.  I was reading last night when I should have been sleeping, and I was literally laughing as hard as I could while desperately trying not to make a noise so I wouldn’t wake my parents.  I laughed, I squealed, I raged.  When the characters were sad, I felt sad.  I was celebrating and kicking my blankets around everywhere last night, when I read a certain kiss between two people.  

I think the scene in the book that gets to me the most is when Clarke finds the church.  Oh goodness.  That scene.  How awful to see people’s skeleton’s huddled together in a church.  

There were a lot of things that were said in the book that I really liked, but there were two that stood out from the rest.

“You need to let yourself be happy.  Or else, what’s the point of anything.”

And one that just made me laugh out loud:

“‘I’m fine on my own, thanks,’ Clarke said, increasing her pace, as if that could possibly deter the boy who’d traveled across the solar system to be with her.”

I would highly recommend this book guys!  I know that I rambled, and that you all may not always understand why I like/dislike something, or why I find something funny, but I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions on books with you.

Happy reading!


I can’t help myself, I have to have a Finn gif on this post.


And Bellamy.


And a shirtless Bellamy. . . I can’t help myself.


This time I seriously swear I’m done.  By the way, if you see any weird, random typos, my kitten probably did it, as she likes to try and walk on my keyboard.

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