My Not So Super Sweet Life Really Was Super Sweet

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book!

I will not lie, this has been my absolute favorite so far!  Just now, I finished My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris.  I first got acquainted with this series last May when I went to RT.  Not only did I get the first book in the series, My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, but I got to meet Rachel Harris!  Let me just say she seemed like such a nice lady!  Anyway, back to the book.

Okay.  So.  This book made me squeal, laugh, cry, and some hideous sounding combination of all three.  Seriously, the sound that I made was hideous, but it was full of, please excuse my fangirlese, feels. The book was told from Cat and Lucas’ perspectives.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to enjoy that, because most books that do that drive me a little insane, but this one actually worked really well with the dual perspectives.

In this book, we get to revisit Cat and her relationships.  Lucas, Less, Austin, Jenna, and Cat’s dad are still a huge part of the story, but now there are some new players in the game.  Cat’s mom, Caterina, is back in the picture, and there is a mysterious guy in tow whose appearance causes freak outs galore.  Cat is still trying to get used to that fact that there are people in her life who love her and won’t run out on her, and Lucas is bound and determined that he’s going to get her to see that.  Cat’s world pretty much explodes when her good for nothing, harlot of an actress mother blabs when Jenna and Cat’s dad’s wedding is on national television.  Caterina supposedly wants back in her daughter’s life and wants to make amends.  I was so furious at Caterina!  She had no right to go blabbing other people’s business!  No right!  I pretty much liked Caterina less and less as the book went on, which is a pretty awesome feat considering how little I liked her to begin with.

I loved seeing how Cat was beginning to open up and develop as a person.  The character development in this book just blew me away and made me so, so happy.  I loved getting to see more of Lucas!  In the last book, A Tale of Two Centuries, I started out feeling like, “This dude is no Lorenzo,” but as that story went on I warmed to him.  In this story, whew!  Let me tell you, this boy?  I want a boyfriend like that.  Why do authors write these perfect boys that don’t exist?  If the boys in books weren’t so wonderful it would almost be cruel-ha ha!

There was nothing about this book that I didn’t love.  Oh.  Ouch.  Double negative.  Let’s try that again.  I loved EVERYTHING about this book.  I felt like I could really relate to what was going on even though Cat is part of Hollywood’s elite and I’m just a farm girl from the middle of nowhere.  Bravo, Ms. Harris!


I feel like any author that can make you feel that you can relate to someone who lives such a completely different life than you do is an epic author.

I HIGHLY recommend this book.  I encourage you to read this, and the whole series.

Happy reading!


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