Hey guys!

Last night, I finished Panic by Lauren Oliver.  This book reminded me of Fear Factor, only more mysterious, because the participants never know when the challenges will take place.  The main characters are Heather, Dodge, Nat, and Bishop.  The story is told from Heather and Dodge’s perspectives.  Panic is a game that seniors play, where every student in the high school has to put money in the pot.  In order to declare that you are in the game you have to jump from this high rock into the water.  Each challenge is random and people get points based off of two judges.  The catch?  No one knows who the judges are, and you can get eliminated from the game.  As the game goes on, the challenges get harder, until there are individual challenges for each person, and the final challenge is Joust, which I understand to be like Chicken with cars.  Most of what I got from the book was that I didn’t like Nat and that I needed Bishop and Heather to be together.  Heather went on for a while about how Bishop is like her brother and I was just like:


Heather would talk about how they were like brother and sister, but then a few seconds later she would be talking about how she didn’t like his girlfriend and how she would never compare to his girlfriend and I was just like, “You two are going to end up together.”  I had my suspicions about who the judges were, and it turned out that I was right about one of them.  I will give a spoiler and say that my OTP, my favorite ship from this book, did indeed become a real deal and sail on.  


I really didn’t experience any panic-ha ha-or anxiety until the end of the book, then things started getting real.  I didn’t really buy one of the relationships that came to be, so that was whatever, but I would definitely recommend this book.

Right now I am reading The Junior Novelization of Frozen, This Star Won’t Go OutThe Curse KeepersMy Not So Super Sweet LifeWill the Real Abi Saunders Stand UpHadesIncarceron, and Buccaneer’s Revenge.  

Happy reading!


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