It’s Okay to be Single

Hey guys!

This is just a random post inspired by things I’ve been seeing in society and on Tumblr.

I see a lot of people bemoaning the fact that they’re single, and I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’m one of those people. I miss the companionship and that person that is just supposed to be there for you to talk to and vice versa, but I’m not just heart broken that I’m single. I’m glad I’m single, although a having a boyfriend would (hopefully) keep one of my guy friends from constantly asking to see a movie with me. Sorry. I digress. On Tumblr, there are some people I follow that are friends, and some people ship them; the girl isn’t into it, but the guy is. Because the girl doesn’t return the guy’s feelings, the guy is CONSTANTLY talking about her and trying to get her attention, good or bad, in any way he can. First, I found it amusing, now. . . This evening, the guy was going on about how at his age his cousin was already married. This guy is only twenty-two and he’s upset that he’s alone. I feel really bad that in this day and age people are so obsessed with having a significant other that they can’t handle being single. The only way any relationship is going to work is if you are happy with yourself first, but so many people leapfrog from relationship to relationship because they can’t handle being alone. I wish that people could be happy with themselves and just be glad to live until they find that person they’re supposed to be with, and maybe they don’t find that person until they’re forty, but who wants to waste their life being sad about being single?

All of you who are single and are worried about never finding someone: you will find someone. Someday, somehow, everyone finds someone that makes their life better, and maybe it isn’t a significant other, maybe it’s just a friend, but there is NOTHING wrong with being single. I’m not saying this stuff because I’m single too, I’m saying it because it is true. This last year has been a great year; I’ve found myself, and I’m happy with who I am. Maybe I won’t find anyone until I’m 30, but at least I have great friends, great family, and I love myself for who I am.

Love your selves.


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