I Fangirled So Hard

Hey guys!

This post is completely random and has nothing to do with books, but I had to tell you guys. . .  I GOT TO MEET NATHAN FILLION!!  

How, you ask?

Well, I had been praying daily, and trying to get in contact with the Wizard World people when I finally was able to speak to an actual, real person.  The lady wasn’t able to help me, so my mom tried talking to her.  I know some of you are probably like, “Why is this twenty-one year old chick having her mom talk to people for her?”  Well, I have a hard time dealing with frustrating people in a positive, calm way, so this time my mom stepped in and took the phone.  Anyways, while my mom was on the phone with the woman, I felt like I should check the website again, and guess what.  That’s right, there were tickets available again!!


Obviously, I screamed my head off and purchased a ticket.  I got to go meet him, which was possibly, like, the best two seconds of my life.  I’m not telling you what I told my friend Sarah when I called her, because I’ve been made fun of so many times for it, but I will tell you that he was such a nice man.  He had been signing autographs right before, and you could tell he was really tired, but he was still friendly.  He told us, “Thanks, guys!  It’s nice to meet you.”  I honestly couldn’t remember what he said because I was so shell shocked and in awe.  I had to ask my mom if he had spoken to us, and if so what had he said.  It was such a long day, but totally worth it!  So now, as you can probably imagine, I have a picture of Nathan Fillion and myself as my profile picture.  People pick on me because I cropped my mom out of my profile picture, but I paid for it, and she said I should.  Also, I’ve had two people think I was married to or dating Nathan Fillion since then!  I’m always like, “Man, I wish!  If he was younger or I was older I wouldn’t mind at all!”  Ha!  Anywho!  I just thought I should share my geeky victory with you all!

Happy reading!



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