Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book!

Last night, I finshed Blindness by Ginger Scott.  This book is about Charlotte, whose father died when she was eighteen.  Charlotte has had a hard life, what with her mom having been an addict who just dropped her on her father, Mac, one day out of the blue.  Just as Charlotte and Mac were getting close, he died, leaving Charlotte with an OCD aunt, and grief that she doesn’t really deal with.  Three years later, Charlotte is in college to become an architect, but in order to get to earn her degree she has to pass Calculus, so she finally gets up the courage to go to a tutor, and meets Cody, the tutor, who is probably the most stunning guy ever.  Life just keeps getting more complicated for Charlotte after this.  She moves in with her boyfriend, Trevor, who still lives at home with his parents.  His parents decide to celebrate Charlotte’s moving in by having a fancy dinner, and that’s when things get sticky, because Charlotte meets Trevor’s step-brother Cody. . .  Yeah, you guessed it.  Tutor Cody and step-brother Cody are one and the same.

I was so pleased with the ending of this book.  I rooted for Charlie (Charlotte) and Cody through the whole thing.  I spent a lot of time berating her for not just dumping Trevor when she realized how she felt about Cody, because so many of their troubles could have been avoided.  I know you guys know how I feel about mature content in books, and even though this wasn’t a YA book, I skipped the mature stuff, but I think that it would have been just as good without the sex.  There was also a lot of profanity, so that bothered me, but I read around it.  Seriously though, I loved this book.  I want to own this book.  I want a Cody of my own!

Happy reading!


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