Complete and Utter Disappointment

Hey guys.

Remember how excited I was about Nathan Fillion being in my state? Well, I was going to get to meet him, but then, as usual, my horrible luck kicked in. The photo op I was going to do got moved to a day when I wouldn’t be there, so I got a refund and went to buy tickets that were for a picture just with him, but the system wouldn’t let me buy tickets even though there were still some left, so I e-mailed some people to try and get help, but no one would respond and I decided I’d check on tickets again today. Well, today I checked on tickets, and anything to do with Nathan Fillion on the day I was going to be there is sold out. So I’ve Facebooked, I’ve tweeted, I’ve e-mailed, and I’ve called, all to no avail. I have finally come to the conclusion that maybe I’m not supposed to meet him after all, so I’ve prayed and put it in God’s hands, and whatever happens happens, I’ve accepted that. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m okay with it, because I’m not. In all honesty, I’ve cried about it a few times and told my mom how unfair it is, that those people don’t treat their customers well, and that there should be some kind of customer service, but none of that will change anything, I still got ripped off and I’m still nit going to meet Nathan Fillion and I’ve done everything I can do to try and change that.
Happy reading everyone.



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