Waiting on the Sidelines

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book!

I was reading Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott, and I finished it last night.  This book is about a girl named Nolan who is a total tomboy, but because of hurtful things that she hears people say about her, she starts trying to dress all girly.  The first day of school her freshman year, she runs into Reed, one of the people that were trash talking her, and he doesn’t even remember who she is at first.  Once he figures it out, he still acts nice to her, and they end up becoming partners in one of their classes.  Nolan develops a crush on Reed while they’re working together, but then nasty Tatum, one of the other people that trashed her, starts putting the moves on Reed.  Nolan finally gets fed up of doing all the work and watching them make out all the time, so she chews Reed out, makes it known that she knows what they were all saying about her and leaves.  After this, their tumultuous relationship begins.  These two go from being friends to kind of dating, to being at odds, to dating, to breaking up, to dating, to breaking up again and again, and again.  While I appreciated how realistic it all was, it got tiresome after a while.  Surely, Nolan values herself enough that she wouldn’t continue to put up with being mistreated.  Now, I don’t want you guys to think that Reed abused her or anything, because he didn’t, he was just very self-centered and frustrating.  He didn’t communicate well, and was kind of a man whore at first.  I was happy with the ending, because I’d been hoping for it throughout the whole book, but I hated all the circumstances that led to that.  I know that things happen, but I wished at some point that the two of them could have just been happy together without all the drama.  I didn’t really like the whole Tyler thing.  I was uncomfortable when she agreed to go to his friends’ party with him, and I was worried when she started drinking, because I was sure he would try exactly what he did.  I don’t enjoy reading about guys trying to force themselves on girls, and I skimmed that part, but I saw enough to know that nothing really happened, and that Nolan hit him where the sun don’t shine to escape, so bravo, but I really could have done without that.  Overall, it was a great book, and I hope you all read it!

Happy reading!



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