You Have to be Kidding Me

Hey guys.

I finished another NetGalley book this morning.

I started reading Cassidy Lane by Maria Murnane yesterday, and it started out really good.  It did not stay good.  I was pretty disappointed in the story.  Cassidy is an author.  She is back in her home town to go to her twentieth class reunion, and she is very nervous.  Apparently she was fairly unpopular in high school, and her last relationship left her doubting herself and her self-worth.  Both of those things are things that I can understand, but the way she handles everything made me cringe, and want to run screaming for the hills.  Anyway, at the reunion, Cassidy meets up with her best friend Patti, and she ends up meeting an attractive guy named Brandon.  Brandon and Cassidy talk for a little while, and she finds out that he reads her books, but then one of her annoying classmates starts talking to her, and Brandon goes to talk to other people.  Brandon eventually e-mails Cassidy, and they have a flirtation.  Brandon asks Cassidy to get a drink with him since he’s going to be in the city, and she accepts.  From here, everything went downhill.  Cassidy is thirty-eight years old, and she’s acting like she’s fifteen.  She’s so hung up on this guy, that he’s all she can think about, and she struggles with her writing because he is always on her mind.  When she goes home because she’s going to be a keynote speaker at a conference near her home, they have a real date, she has to ask him to kiss her, and then after that they basically are done.  His mom has a stroke, so he’s stressed out and busy with his mom and his kids, and he never really acts nice to her again.  When she gets home, they’re having, I guess, kind of flirty text messaging.  So what does she do?  She sends him a picture of her in her undergarments.  At this point, I just wanted to slap her.  Why would you EVER send someone a picture like that?  Why??  I would feel this way whether he was still interested or not, but he is OBVIOUSLY not interested anymore so why would you go and embarrass yourself like that?  WHY??  At the end, Miss Murnane pulled a sneaky move on me, but other than that, I was less than thrilled with how the book played out.  So disappointed.  The only thing I really consistently enjoyed about the book was Cassidy’s friends.  Harper, Patti, and Danielle were like a breath of life to this book.  They acted like real friends would, but I couldn’t fathom why after Brandon tells her he just wants to be friends that they’re all so sure that after a while things will be okay with him.  No.  Just no.  Guys who actually like you and care about you don’t just check out like that.  I realize that he was stressed out about his mom, but when she told him she thought she might have skin cancer he couldn’t care less.  The truly depressing thing is that Cassidy could tell that he didn’t care.  So, while I was mentally berating her for her stupidity, she sees all these warning signs she’s just like, “Whatever!”  Don’t even get me started on his super jerk move, and her reaction that made me proud, and then her second reaction that sent me back into berating her.  

I don’t think I could recommend this book to any of you guys.

Happy reading!



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