Spot on Spotlight

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book!

Last night, I finished Spotlight by Krista Richmond.  This story is about a woman who works at a Nashville newspaper, and would like to get to write about movies instead of just the every day things she writes about.  When we first meet Lily, she is going to see a play that has Daniel Brighton in it.  Daniel was the star of her favorite show, but the show got cancelled, so she is trying to see him preforming any chance she gets.  As the story goes on, she gets a job at, and she gets to interview Daniel, and later they have an accidental conversation on their own, and they eventually become friends.  Daniel’s publicist, Nate, doesn’t trust Lily, but soon he is fighting an attraction to Lily.  Lily and Nate end up becoming an item, but they get torn apart over trust issues and doubt.  Seriously, Lily has never done anything to make Nate not trust her, and everyone else believes her, but Nate is just mad and tells her he wants a break, but then HE KISSES HER!  Jerk.  Jerk.  Jerk.  Jerk.  So the two are separate and miserable, but things get better.  I was seriously on a roller coaster concerning Nate.  First, I was all, I hate Nick she shouldn’t date him, but then I thought he was great, but then I pretty much hated him and hoped she never ever got back together with him, and so on and so forth.  I will agree, that Lily could have handled the situation that led to the break/break up better, but Nate should have trusted her.  Overall, I was happy with the book, and I would definitely buy this book and recommend it to my friends.  Oh!  And my favorite thing about this book?  It was clean!!

Happy reading!


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