A Rant About my Old High School

Hey guys!

By now, you’ve probably gotten the idea that I love farming and agriculture, and if you haven’t, I totally do.  So, please excuse this rant that I’m about to have.  When I was in high school, we had this one teacher, who also happened to be a coach, that did a terrible job as a teacher.  This guy would text through class, would have his students run out to his truck to get his clothes, would have us run to the fridge in the teacher’s lounge to get him food, and would even have us to type up his study guides.  I benefited from that last one since I was the kid that typed for him, but the point is, he should have been doing his own stuff.  One year, he was teaching geography or something, and was apparently not fulfilling his responsibilities at all, a parent found out and complained.  The teacher got in trouble, but he still teaches there.  This year, an ag teacher is getting the ax, I’m not really clear on what the reasons are, but the students love her, and I’m pretty sure she’s being fired because she isn’t meeting the expectations of the school.  Which is understandable, but I feel like the school is being wildly unfair if that is the case.

What rankles me about this is that the first teacher I mentioned, the coach?  He got a slap on the wrist essentially, and is still working there.  He wasn’t doing his job, but because he’s a coach they didn’t get rid of him.  This ag teacher?  She works her butt off.  She does her job.  This is the second year she’s taught, and the principal didn’t seem to care for her last year either, but this just seems so wrong to me.  We should care more about agriculture and farming than sports.  I enjoy sports, and I have nothing against them.  I played volleyball for eight years, and played basketball for five, so it’s not like I’m an athlete/sport hater.  I live in a small town, and these three things are true:

  1. Sports trump everything else.
  2. If you don’t have the “right” last name, you’re not important, and you won’t get special treatment.
  3. The music department is almost as important as sports, and none of the rest of the extra-curricular activities will ever be as important as those two.

How do I know these things?  Most money at the school is spent on sports.  I mean, we built a track to we could have track meets, and our track ended up being too short to have track meets, so money was wasted.  The only thing we got out of it was a football field, and even that isn’t very impressive.  The last name thing?  I was one of the people who didn’t have the “right” last name.  Which was fine, because I actually had to work for what I got, and when those kids get out in the real world, and no one worships them, and their last name isn’t important anymore, they’re going to crash and burn.  Last names typically only matter in sports, but still, there were other things that got those kids with the “right” last name special treatment, even when they’re out of high school and have been out for at least three years.  The music department thing.  I was part of the music scene for a while, but I like singing for fun, not for choir or show choir.  FFA gets to have one single week of fundraising to be able to make the brunt of their money for the year, and for National Convention.  Our main show choir gets to go to New York, and for whatever reason that means that they got to WEEKS of fundraising, up until it was time for FFA to do their fundraising, and you know what?  Everyone was so sucked dry that no one really wanted to buy from FFA by the time it was their turn.  So wrong.

I guess what I’m getting at is that high school isn’t just unfair to the high schoolers themselves, it is also unfair to the groups, and to the teachers.  I would love to write a letter to my high school, letting them know how I feel about the way they run things, but as I would like relatives of mine to be able to keep their jobs, and not possibly get fired because I have things I’d like to say, I’m just ranting to you guys.

Happy reading!


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