Prepare for the Fangirling Onslaught

Guys.  Oh my gosh, guys.


Remember how I read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight?  Well, now I’m reading This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith (She’s the author of both, that’s why I brought up TSPOLAFS).  Anywho!  First of all, I was SURE that she referenced Firefly.


Sadly, she wasn’t, but as a Browncoat, I’m just going to go ahead and keep feeling fangirly about it anyways.  Second, one of the names in the book is my last name, and it also happens to be the name of a town in my state that is named after my great-great grandpa I believe.  How exciting is that!?  I know that the fact that the name in the book is unconnected to my stuff, but it is still exciting!  Third, I am only forty-six pages in and I cannot contain my fangirling.

Okay!  So.  The book starts out with EONeill and GDL824 e-mailing back and forth, but it is an accident that they are even e-mailing in the first place.  GDL824 accidentally e-mailed EONeill about walking his pig.  The two hit it off and continue e-mailing.  When we get to more book stuff, we meet Ellie O’Neill, who works at a sweet shop in Henley, Maine.  She works with her best friend, Quinn.  There is a big movie happening in their town, and Graham Larkin is one of the actors there.  Graham Larkin anyone?  Ellie anyone?  Making any connections?  Okay!  So, while Ellie is getting ice cream for a little boy that wants “pig” (pink) ice cream, Quinn ends up getting ice cream all over her shirt, because the shake she’s making explodes all over her.  Before Ellie leaves, she lends Quinn her shirt, because she has a tank top on underneath it.  When Ellie leaves the store, she sees Graham as he goes into the sweet shop.  So then we get to learn about Graham, who thinks he’s probably falling in love with the girl he has been e-mailing, and that he finagled it so that he could shoot his movie in Henley, Maine, where she lives.  What kills me?  HE SEES HER AND HE DOESN”T EVEN KNOW IT!!  The next part that kills me?  He goes into the sweet shop, and sees Quinn.  Quinn is wearing Ellie’s shirt.  Ellie’s name is embroidered on her shirt pocket.  GRAHAM SEES THE NAME ON THE SHIRT AND MAKES THE CONNECTION AND THINKS THAT QUINN IS ELLIE!







I haven’t read any farther than that because I had to go hang out laundry, but ^^^ those are all my feels.  I screamed when I read that.  Screamed.  I’m pretty sure my mom was all: 


I.  CANNOT.  WAIT.  To read more of the book.  I’ll try to finish it this evening.  I really hope that you guys read Jennifer Smith’s books, because they are fabulous!  I’m sorry for the overabundance of gifs, but I just couldn’t help myself. . . Basically, I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

Happy reading!



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