Her Knight in Shining Armour

Hey guys!

Another NetGalley book bites the dust!

I finished Her Knight in Shining Armour by Robyn Rychards.  I mostly enjoyed this story, but there were some things I had problems with.  I felt like everything happened too quickly, the amount of times these people groaned was outlandish, and I just didn’t buy their “love” very much.  I looked past aforementioned things, and I enjoyed the book.  This story is about Paisley, an abused woman on the run from her abusive ex-husband.  She is in the process of faking her own death when she gets injured, and is rescued by Sterling James.  Sterling is an attractive psychologist, that has a sad past of his own.  Sterling comes up with plans to help Paisley escape Stan (the ex).  I wanted to punch Stan in the face, so I was glad when Sterling man-handled him, and then later, that Paisley ended up knocking him out.  There ends up being stressful bits at the end, but everything turns out okay.  One reason why I didn’t buy their love was because it seemed to mostly be based on physical stuff, if you catch my drift.  I mean, Sterling talks about how Paisley looks past his looks and money and sees who he is, and Paisley talks about feeling safe with him, but really, they mostly talk about how hot the other one is and how turned on the other one makes them.  So while the story was enjoyable, I just didn’t buy their romance.

Happy reading!



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