Dear Stranger

Hey guys!

I finished another NetGalley book last night!

Last night, I started, and finished, Dear Stranger by Elsie K. Ackers.  Obviously, my observation skills fall by the wayside when I see an interesting book, because I didn’t realize that this book was a novella.  Aside from being short, it was wonderful!  Our main characters are Reese and Ian.  Reese is single on Valentine’s Day and she wants to spread love and happiness to other single people, so she dresses all pretty, and writes twelve letters that she plans on leaving in random places throughout the city.  Ian, happens to see Reese, and realizes that she has left a letter on the table in a coffee shop, so he tries to go after her and return the letter, but then he sees who it is addressed to.  The envelopes all say, “If you find me I am yours.”  He reads the letter, and mulls it over, and decides that he HAS to answer her.  I really wish that the story had been longer, so that we could actually see if Ian and Reese got into a relationship with each other, but I still liked the way the story ended.  I liked that there was the promise of romance and a relationship, it was almost more satisfying for the story to end that way.  I would definitely recommend this novella!

Happy reading!



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