Not so Plain Jayne

Hey guys!

I finished another book I got from NetGalley!

This time I read a book called Plain Jayne by Laura Drewry.  This book was awesome, but also frustrating.  Jayne and Nick have been best friends since kindergarten, but they haven’t had any contact for the last four years.  When Nick’s wife Abby died, Jayne dropped everything and came to the funeral, but when she hugged him Abby’s mother lost her mind so Nick escorted her out and they hadn’t had contact since.  Jayne has moved back to town, because her seemingly horrible grandma died and left her a bookstore and an apartment.  The only problem?  The apartment and bookstore are complete dumps, and the bookstore has no books.  Not only does Jayne have nowhere to stay, but she has to pass inspection, which means some renovation, if she plans on reopening the bookstore and living in the apartment.  Luckily, Nick is a contractor, and is more than willing to let her crash at his place and fix her place for basically no charge.  Jayne has always been wary of affection and people, because her grandma made it very clear that she was unwanted.  The only people that ever really cared about her were the Scotts; Nick and his family, with the exception of his mother, have always loved Jayne.  Nick’s mother blames Jayne for the downfall of all his relationships, and has never, I mean NEVER liked her.  Jayne knows all about Mrs. Scott’s disdain for her, and she worries about being blamed if she messes up Nick’s relationship with his newest girlfriend, Lisa.  One thing that really irked me was that at the beginning of the story Jayne REFUSED to get Lisa’s name right; she kept calling Lisa Linda.  Aside from Lisa and Linda both beginning with Li, they sound nothing alike.  And then close to the end of the book NIck was doing it.  It was so frustrating.  So completely frustrating.  I felt like it was just pettiness on Jayne’s part, and Nick?  I just don’t even know why on earth he would start doing that for.  Overall, I loved this story.  I liked seeing how they both grew as people and grew closer together, as if that was even possible!  Ha ha!  I loved watching how Jayne and Nick overcame their, sometimes stupid, obstacles.  I sometimes felt frustrated by Jayne and Nick, because how they really felt was so blindingly obvious that it was almost painful, but I was glad about how the book ended.

Happy reading you guys!


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