Attachment to Attachments

Hey guys!

So I read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.  I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  While this book did not stir crazy fangirl feels like Fangirl did, I still really enjoyed it.  This book was actually an adult book, not YA or NA.  The first people we are introduced to are Beth and Jennifer, but we aren’t really meeting them, we’re reading their e-mail correspondence.  When Jennifer was going on about she thought she was pregnant I was starting to wonder how I was really going to enjoy this book.  I haven’t had good experience with books where people think that they are pregnant.  I kept going though, because my Honors English teacher always told us we couldn’t read just one chapter and give up on a book.  The next person we meet is Lincoln, the guy who has to read all the flagged e-mails at The Courier.  Lincoln is a nerdy, shy guy that lives at home with his mom.  Lincoln is 29 and has really ever only had one serious girlfriend that he has never really gotten over.  As Lincoln reads Beth and Jennifer’s e-mails, we start to hear less about Sam and more about Beth.  Watching Lincoln fall for Beth was lovely.  I loved how he was able to move out of his mom’s house, make new friends while keeping his old ones, become his own person, and when Sam showed up?  I love how even though he minorly freaked out he didn’t fall all over himself and do what she asked.  Inside, I was fist pumping and cheering that he never called her back!  Woo!  


I also loved that when Beth was commenting about a cute guy that Lincoln got so jealous, and then he ended up being the cute guy.  I know that Lincoln was working out and losing weight, but in my head I never really pictured him as needing to lose weight, in my head he was always just this fantastic, attractive guy, which he was, whether he was physically attractive or not.  Initially, I felt weirded out about Lincoln reading Beth and Jennifer’s e-mails, but it was a book, so part of me felt like it was really romantic that he was falling in love with her without seeing her.  I mean, Beth could have been some dumpy, unattractive girl, but Lincoln would have loved her anyways because he fell in love with her personality, with her words, her character, which is how people should fall in love anyways.  I’m not sure that I would have done what Beth did at the end of the book, but since it was a book I enjoyed it and was happy it happened.  When I was down to fifty-eight pages I started freaking out, because I didn’t think there was enough time to resolve everything that needed to be resolved in the book.  This book was highly enjoyable!  I was so glad that outside of some swear words and mentions of, ermh, adult activities, that this was a clean book.  

I would definitely recommend this to people who enjoy a clean, contemporary romance, with a dash of nerd thrown in!

Happy reading!



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