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Hey guys!

So, I didn’t watch The Bachelor all season, but because Juan Pablo became one of the most despised men ever, I decided to watch the last thirty minutes of the season finale and After the Final Rose.  All I can say is that that man is a complete jerk.  Um, most normal people, when they are in love, want the world to know, but this dude?  He says that it’s private and it is no one else’s business and that he’s not going to say he’s in love with the girl he chose.  The girl?  She says she’s happy and that she can tell that he loves her even if he doesn’t say it, but let’s be real here.  When Juan Pablo told Chris Harrison that he wasn’t going to say he was in love with the girl she looked like she wanted to cry.  When Juan Pablo wasn’t looking at her she just looked plain depressed.  My thoughts on the two of them?  Mostly Juan Pablo anyway.


That girl?  Nikki, I think it is.  I have been where she is.  I mean, not that my boyfriend wouldn’t tell me he loved me, but that I was so sure that he would change his ways.  Last year, I was just so sure that things would get better, and you know what?  They did, just not the way I thought they would.  We broke up, and I was better off.  I mean, I guess I can respect that Juan Pablo didn’t propose to her since he wasn’t 100% sure that he wanted to, but he shouldn’t act the way he does.  He acts so superior, like he’s the only one who matters.  I really think that they’ll break up and she’ll be better off, but until then, I just feel bad for her.  I wish she would have the nerve, unlike me, to break up with him.  It stinks to be in a situation where you should be happy, but you aren’t.  And the bad situation isn’t always just one person’s fault.  My situation?  It was both of our faults, but I think that if that girl were to stand up for herself and just take control that things could be better for her.

Now, anybody here like Supernatural?  Did anyone know that there was like a mini web series for GhostFacers for awhile?  There was only like one season, but I loved it!  Did anyone see the one episode where Castiel found them?  It was hilarious.  I fangirled so much!


Happy reading!


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