Sinking Ship


You know how I love Reign and I ship Mash?  

Well, the night started like this:


And then, before Mary got married, it went like this:


Then, Mary went and kissed on Francis and said she’d marry, but that they needed to protect Bash at court, and Francis was all, “Of course!”  Francis, of course, goes and tells Bash he needs to leave court if he wants to live.  Francis and Mary are married, and then they had that horrible consummation thing and King Henry, the disgusting lout, had Bash bound and forced into the room to watch Mary and Francis consummate their marriage.  Can you say GROSS??  To make matters worse, Francis and Mary both end up noticing Bash, so that was not only disgusting and awkward, as it would have been anyway, but it also had to be rubbed in Bash’s face.  Of course, it was rubbed in Lola’s face too, but I didn’t feel bad for her, and I bet she’ll have Francis’ kid.  Oh!  Clarissa is alive, so the prophecy still holds that Francis will die, and Francis tried to have Bash killed.  Tonight, I pretty much ONLY liked Bash and Greer, everyone else I detested.  Francis doesn’t even deserve Mary, he sleeps with every female that moves!  Also, not that Mary even wants Bash at this point, but she doesn’t deserve his love right now.


^^^That was me for most of the episode, and if I wasn’t like that I was just plain furious.

Okay, I get the Mary and Francis did get married in real life, but the show has gone so far from historical accuracy as it is, why did Mary and Francis even have to get married?

Hope your feels feel better than mine.



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