Catching Up

Hey guys!

Well, today I finished What I Didn’t Say by Keary Taylor.  This book was entertaining and thought provoking.  I was instantly drawn in; I wanted to know everything!  What was going to cause the accident?  Was Sam ever going to give Jake the time of day?  How was Jake going to adjust to being unable to talk?  It was very hard for me to put this book down.  I would be reading another book or attempting to do my homework and I would catch myself wondering about Jake and Sam, and what was going to happen.  I was very surprised when I found out what Sam’s secret was.  I felt desperately sad for her, because I went through a situation similar to the one she had to experience.  

I really enjoyed seeing how Jake and Sam grew as people.  Jake, in my opinion, became more helpful and understanding.  Granted, there was one occasion, where he wasn’t very forgiving and acted like a complete moron, but eventually saw the error of his ways.  Sam was a very private person at the beginning of the book, and by the end I got to see her open up, and become more trusting in people, specifically Jake.  Sam goes through the whole story saying she doesn’t believe in love because of what happened with her parents, which is a real bummer for Jake, because he loves her and all he’s wanted for this whole entire book is to tell her how he feels.  Jake is constantly frustrated that he cannot talk, and that he’ll never be able to tell Sam he loves her, and if we’re being real here, it is because he wanted to tell her he loved her that he lost the ability to speak in the first place.  Okay, obviously, if he and his friends hadn’t been drinking, they probably wouldn’t have had the accident, but they were drinking, and if Jake hadn’t gotten it in his head that he needed to tell Sam how he felt just then, the boy would be able to talk.  

I constantly felt frustrated for Jake.  Right after he gets to come back to school, he’s with his friends and he’s laughing, but obviously no noise comes out and his friends make fun of him.  Um, you are the reason he cannot speak or make noise and you’re going to make fun of him??  Rude!  Also, I cannot even imagine how it would feel to never be able to speak, or laugh, or make any noise at all ever again.  I LOVE to sing, and I cannot imagine not being able to do that.  There were a few things that I had issues with in this story.  It bothered me that sometimes when Jake would be “talking” he would either be signing or writing it out, and sometimes I had no idea which he was doing.  I guess it doesn’t really matter, as long as the point got across, but I really wanted to know if he was writing out what he was saying or if he was signing.  Another thing that bothered me was how one minute Jake was all, “Oh, my friends are drifting away from me because it’s no fun talking to the mute guy,” but the next he was going on about what great friends they were and how they would always have his back.  Weird.  Anyway, I would definitely recommend this book to you guys!

Last night, I ended up joining Net Galley.  Net Galley is this really cool website where, if you are a book seller, a blogger/review, a teacher, or a librarian, you can sign up to get access to eBooks for free, just so long as you review them.  So far I’ve been given access to five books, and the first one I started is called Reading Joss Whedon by Rhonda Wilcox.  I’ve only made it to the first page so far, because I needed to work on stuff for finals, but I am anxious to begin actually reading this book, because, if you couldn’t tell I love some of his work.  You may have noticed the Firefly gifs?  Yeah.  Next to The Avengers, that is my favorite Joss Whedon thing.  Because I am fangirling and enthused, I want to share these two gifs with you:




I made a little bit of progress in Beauty and the Bully.  Duncan has found himself a bully named Freddie, but in order to have Freddie bully him, he has to let the Freddie’s sister, Syd, join the band.  On a side note, the band is no longer Fat Barbie, it is now Flaming Tarts.  Part of me wonders if perhaps Duncan will end up with Syd, because he seems fairly intrigued by her, even though her guitar playing is horrendous.

Well, that is all I have in the way of books tonight.  I fangirled my heart out while watching television tonight, because The Goldbergs talked about The Goonies, which is probably my all time favorite 80s movie, and the Ghostfacers were on Supernatural tonight!  Remember?  These guys?



Seriously, who doesn’t love these guys just a little bit??

Happy reading!


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